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The SeniorsChannel is a digital media platform designed to foster social connections and improve seniors' wellbeing.

Our goal is to entertain, engage and connect seniors through our interactive programs.

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Our interactive programs are carefully crafted to:

Evoke Memories & Enjoyment

Enrich Health & Well-Being

Nurture an Inclusive Community

Music is a connector

Our mission is to alleviate the debilitating effects of isolation, loneliness, and depression among our seniors' community by using the healing effects of music and interactive programs.

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There are 216,000 people living in Aged Care in Australia.

Isolation, Loneliness & Depression

are at epidemic proportions among Aged Care Residents.

We are on a MISSION to bring JOY to Aged Care Residents through MUSIC and other interactive programs.



Together, we can build a community around Aged Care Residents

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The SeniorsChannel is a web-based platform.

Our programs are available to view on a

smart TV, computer or device.

"We have been utilising the services of

The SeniorsChannel over the past few months due to restrictions to our facility for performance artists. The performances have been well received by the residents and it is evident from their feedback they have enjoyed their interactions with Julie"

- Sherilyn
Aged Care Lifestyle Coordinator

"After her concerts,

we always feel

so lifted"



.- Betty
Seniors Group Participant

"Julz is not only entertaining, but she is also engaging. Our Residents covering all levels of care are always encouraged to join in and the interaction between all in attendance is a joy to behold.

I have no doubt that by entering into the world of technology, that The Seniors Channel will be a tremendous success." 

- Heather
Aged Care Lifestyle Coordinator

"Well done!

Loved the songs.

When is the next concert?"

- Bill

Aged Care Resident

"My Dad lives in Aged Care.

He left me a message after a The SeniorsChannel concert.

This is what he said: Thank you, darling, for organizing that concert, it was just lovely, my friends all enjoyed it as well and we are looking forward to the next one"

- Samantha
Daughter of Aged Care Resident

"Hi Julz,

I took part in your singing for the seniors.

I enjoyed your performance,

you were fantastic.

Look forward to seeing you again"

- Rita
Seniors Group Participant

As a professional Seniors Entertainer, I have witnessed so many joyful, heartwarming and emotional moments with audiences during my concerts.

I am continually amazed at how the power of music can lift the spirits of the elderly living in Aged Care.

By building a digital platform that can provide programs designed for Seniors...

I feel like I am doing my life's work.

<p>Julie Hogarth-Williams</p>,

Julie Hogarth-Williams

CEO @The SeniorsChannel™

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