A Streaming Platform for Seniors

The SeniorsChannel is an interactive entertainment and activity platform designed for residents in aged care and seniors living at home.  

Our programs are carefully crafted to promote Engagement, Connection and Interaction. 

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Our Vision

To bring JOY to Seniors

everywhere, every day!

Our Mission

  • Enhance the quality of life, health and well-being of seniors through meaningful and interactive content.

  • Empower seniors through connections and community.

  • Elevate the well-being and job satisfaction of the Aged Care Workforce.

How The SeniorsChannel can Support Aged Care

We have taken a person-led, holistic approach to developing our technology, content and platform design.

For Residents

  • Evidenced-based and research-informed content that is fun, entertaining, inclusive and provides enjoyment

  • Improved engagement and community connection

  • Helps reduce social isolation, loneliness and depression through interactive, engaging and meaningful content

For Staff

  • An additional tool for lifestyle programs that is available 24/7

  • A digital activity planning solution for lifestyle teams to help with last-minute planning challenges

  • Support for the Aged Care workforce through mental health and well-being programs

For Providers

  • Provides a standardised activity planning solution that can be implemented across services

  • Improved alignment to The Quality Aged Care standards. In particular - Standard 1 - Dignity and choice

  • Increase 5-star rating with improved resident experiences

Our Innovative Content

The SeniorsChannel is not your average streaming platform.

You don't just watch The SeniorsChannel!

Our content is meaningful and designed to encourage the viewer to be part of something, to engage, interact and connect. 

We do this by creating in-house purpose-built programs for a senior audience. 

User-Friendly Technology

We provide streaming technology that is easy to use and accessible on smart TVs and Apple Devices

Available for TV platforms and apps

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