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The SeniorsChannel

The SeniorsChannel is a streaming platform with interactive, curated content for Aged Care communities.

Our content and programs are designed to:

  • Improve the health and wellbeing of older adults

  • Can be viewed individually or in a group

  • Promote interaction, engagement, and connection

  • Support leisure and lifestyle programs

  • Assist with standardising activity planning.

Stage 1 | Our Prototype | Complete

The SeniorsChannel founder - Julie Hogarth-Williams is a premium seniors' entertainer who has performed over 600 live concerts in Aged Care homes. Understanding the need for engaging and interactive entertainment Julie recognised the need for a digital entertainment solution for Aged Care even before the extreme COVID lockdowns.

To test the concept, we created curated content for seniors and distributed it via a web-based prototype. Through the feedback received, we identified the need for a ‘Netflix’ style app to improve the platform’s functionality and user accessibility.

Stage 2 | The SeniorsChannel App

The SeniorsChannel will be a turnkey, digital entertainment solution for Aged Care residents and providers that is user friendly

and can be standardised across Aged Care service providers.

To help design our first app, we are seeking to collaborate with progressive Aged Care providers who:

  • Embrace innovative technologies

  • Seek out quality care solutions

  • Would like to be an early adopter of this new digital entertainment platform

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Beta Program Benefits

Early adopters to our 2022 Beta Program for
Residential Aged Care service providers will:

<p>Secure lifetime discounted pricing</p>

Secure lifetime discounted pricing

<p>Enjoy first access to all new programs</p>

Enjoy first access to all new programs

<p>Influence new content creation and platform functionality</p>

Influence new content creation and platform functionality

<p>Receive a priority offer to continue on to a Co-design opportunity</p>

Receive a priority offer to continue on to a Co-design opportunity

<p>Be at the forefront of new Aged Care digital innovation</p>

Be at the forefront of new Aged Care digital innovation

<p>Have unlimited access to all content on-demand</p>

Have unlimited access to all content on-demand

Our Programs

We have taken a person-led, holistic approach to content development and we are working with aged care industry partners to design our programs.

We believe this approach supports the whole person as we consider their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing - thereby meeting the Aged Care Quality Standards.

What People Say! Our Prototype Feedback:

<p><span style="color: #a00000ff;" ><span class="font-bold"><span class="text-3xl">What People Say! Our Prototype Feedback:</span></span></span></p>

"My Dad lives in Aged Care. He left me a message after a The SeniorsChannel concert.

This is what he said: "It was just lovely, my friends all enjoyed it as well and we are looking forward to the next one."


Daughter of aged care resident

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