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Julie and Darren Hogarth-Williams are the co-founders of The SeniorsChannel. They are a married couple from the beautiful Central Coast in NSW, Australia.

In 2014 Julie began to sing for the elderly in her local Aged Care Home. Before long, demand grew for her concerts and Julz-Singing for Seniors became a thriving business. 

In the past 6 years, Julie has performed over 600 concerts in Aged Care Homes. Julie is continuously amazed at how the power of music can lift the spirits of the elderly living in Aged Care and she has witnessed so many joyful, heartwarming and emotional moments with her audiences during her concerts.  

" I feel like I am doing my life's work" - Julie Hogarth-Williams

In January 2018, Julie told Darren about a moving experience she had encountered that day in a Dementia unit. 

Her concert had a positive effect on a lady living with Dementia which in turn allowed her family to connect and engage with her in a way they had not been able to do for a long time. 

Darren was emotional listening to the story and commented, 

“If only every Aged Care Home could have a Julz concert”...

..and The SeniorsChannel was born.