Our Co-design Program for Aged Care 

We believe that by combining research, collaboration, innovation, and technology, we can profoundly impact the lives of our elderly population with our digital platform and innovative content.

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The Importance of Co-design

We have taken a person-led, holistic approach to our technology, content development and platform design.

By working alongside aged care providers and their residents/consumers, we believe this approach will support the whole person as we consider their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

Further - we believe that by listening to lifestyle teams and adapting our platform to suit lifestyle programming in aged care, we can provide a digital entertainment platform that will complement current activity programming and ease the pressure on lifestyle teams.

Additionally, by working together, we can assess how The SeniorsChannel can meet the Aged Care Quality Standards and assist in improving the 5 star rating.

There are Three Stages to our Co-design Program

This is where we spend time to interview the Lifestyle teams, residents and managers to get a baseline of your current lifestyle programs.

We will also use this time to brainstorm together and create wish lists for technology and design features and content ideas on The SeniorsChannel.

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During co-design, lifestyle teams, residents/consumers, use The SeniorsChannel.

Gathering feedback, research data and suggestions for improvements is vital during the co-design stage as this will allow us to achieve our goal of building a product that is person-led and purpose-built for Aged Care.

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Using the product

During post-design, we will collate all the feedback, research and data. 

We then provide outcomes and collaborate with our co-design Aged Care Provider partners to further develop The SeniorsChannel using what we have learned through the Co-design process.

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Assessing the results

Interested in becoming a

Co-design Partner?

The SeniorsChannel is set to revolutionise Aged Care Lifestyle programs and the way that seniors at home watch and interact with streaming platforms.

In fact, The SeniorsChannel is disrupting the entire streaming platform market by providing content that is interactive and designed to help alleviate social isolation. 

By joining The SeniorsChannel Co-design program, you will have the opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking innovation and provide input to our content development, design, and technology. 

Our Co-design Partners will be offered early adopter deals

for all  consumers across their services. 

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